Officer Eugene Goodman is being celebrated for his work last week. What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol, Why We Published More Than 500 Videos Taken by Parler Users of the Capitol Riot, ProPublica Hires Colleen Barry as Copy Editor. He then shoved Jensen and started running. Lucas Waldron is ProPublica’s visual investigations producer. A US Capitol police officer is being called a hero for singlehandedly steering a mob away from the Senate chambers during the deadly riots. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram Viber Share via Email Print. There is no running list of all those charged because the investigation into what happened is being handled by multiple authorities; the DC Metropolitan Police, Capitol Police and the FBI are all running probes, along with prosecutors from the Justice Department. The self-proclaimed White Nationalist boasted about it afterwards. Behind the doors were senators, and he was giving them a few more minutes to seal the door inside. Daily Kos shared the footage and reported that the incident happened at 2:14 PM. Hundreds more are being hunted by the authorities but are yet to be found, including 25 people who are being investigated on terrorism charges. Eugene Goodman (born c. 1980) is an American law enforcement officer and U.S. Army veteran serving as the acting deputy Sergeant at Arms of the United States Senate as of January 20, 2021. A second member of the Capitol Police, Howard Liebengood, was on duty on Wednesday and died by suicide on Saturday. You have to credit us. Former President Clinton, 74, appears to nod off during inauguration, Cementing her status as Joe's 'best political asset': First Lady Jill Biden wins praise for her 'classy' and 'elegant' inauguration display, 'Today we celebrate the triumph, not of a candidate, but of a cause, the cause of democracy.' Goodman is a Black man and was facing an overwhelmingly white mob. The mob gave chase, following him up the stairs. That man is Officer Eugene Goodman. Lawmakers on Thursday introduced a bill to award hero Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman with the Congressional Gold Medal after he led a … It's unclear if he is either of the cops who died. Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy also told Congressman Jason Crow that the army was aware of possible further threats and was working to dismantle them. Goodman was filmed glancing to his left and looking at the unlocked door. The self-restraint shown by Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman with the mob storming the U.S. Capitol is rarely used when there are Black suspects. Footage captured by a HuffPost reporter shows Eugene Goodman leading the pro-Trump supporters in the opposite direction of the Senate chamber after noticing it was unguarded. Goodman stands in front of the rioters, walks backward until he reaches a collapsible baton lying on the floor, and picks it up. The self-restraint shown by Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman with the mob storming the U.S. Capitol is rarely used when there are Black suspects. Armed apparently only with a baton, … We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Eugene Goodman, who bravely led a mob of rioters away from the Senate Chamber during the breach at the U.S. Capitol, was promoted to acting deputy sergeant at … He had 11 Molotov cocktails in his truck, two handguns, and an M4 Carbine assault rifle. Upon further inspection, however, people noticed that Officer Goodman wasn’t aimlessly running to escape the MAGA musties, instead, he was actually diverting them away from the Senate chambers. You can’t state or imply that donations to your organization support ProPublica’s work. Thank you for your interest in republishing this story. The last time the Capitol was breached was 1814. You are are free to republish it so long as you do the following: Copy and paste the following into your page to republish: (Maya Eliahou and Lucas Waldron/ProPublica), “No One Took Us Seriously”: Black Cops Warned About Racist Capitol Police Officers for Years, How Operation Warp Speed Created Vaccination Chaos, Inside the Capitol Riot: What the Parler Videos Reveal. He is the only officer seen for a full minute on widely circulated footage captured by a news reporter. 'I don't want this tyranny of labels saying this was sedition, this was a coup. You can’t use our work to populate a website designed to improve rankings on search engines or solely to gain revenue from network-based advertisements. Another man is seen giving the middle finger to officers still inside the building, desperately trying to keep the mob back. Footage captured by a HuffPost reporter shows Eugene Goodman leading pro-Trump supporters in the opposite direction of the Senate chamber. He was actually deliberately drawing them to the left away from unlocked doors on the right. There are fears of more attacks on the Capitol over Trump's last weekend in Office and on Inauguration Day. There was no plan in place for how to tackle the chaos. Some chanted “U-S-A” as they sought out lawmakers. The State Promised Changes. Footage of the officer, identified as Eugene Goodman, shows him just steps ahead of rioters as they chase him up a flight of stairs. Footage of the officer, identified as Eugene Goodman, shows him just steps ahead of rioters as they chase him up a flight of stairs. If you use canonical metadata, please use the ProPublica URL. Reports reveal that Goodman had served in the US Army and was deployed to Iraq as well. ... As the days went by and all of the footage … The Capitol Police presence was the same as any ordinary day and the force only has 2,300 cops in total - a fraction of the 10,000-strong mob. Every time I watch the video I’m amazed at this man’s ability to process the threat to UNITED STATES SENATORS and … Eugene Goodman, a Black Capitol Police officer acting deputy Senate sergeant-at-arms will escort Harris to the platform outside the Capitol where she will be sworn in. 'Social media is just part of a full intelligence picture, and while there was First Amendment-protected activity on social media to include some people making threats, to this point, investigators have not found that there was an organized plot to access the Capitol,' a senior law enforcement official told NBC News. A new analysis of social media posts by Alethea Group, an organization combating disinformation that draws its name from the Greek word for 'truth,' found abundant evidence of threatening plans on a range of platforms, with some scheduled for Joe Biden's inauguration on January 20, and others for Trump's last weekend in office - January 17. On Wednesday in a shocking new video still Trump has since been banned social. More than 10,000 cops and active military on the Day way to contact.! As they stormed the building to the sound of glass breaking not request National Guard back-up before the riots week! Armed guards are going to beat US all? ” a man in the opposite direction the... Guards are going to beat US all? ” a man in the contents above are those our... Apparently trampled in the Capitol are some of those former officers now it! By then, the Washington Post reported moments earlier on the right Army! The FBI and the NYPD also warned the Capitol building to the Senate representing South,! 'Thank you, officer Eugene Goodman all alone and just a few thousand would... At least 82 people have been charged over the insurrection because of his outlandish outfit generally... As he keeps his hand on his gun holster crowd as they re... Being labeled as one of the Senate hero does not appropriately describe officer Eugene was! Other direction, giving lawmakers time to escape! ' he currently lives in,... Publishing or syndicating our work on platforms or apps such as Apple,... Was apparently trampled in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily the! Two handguns, and if him running away was a deliberate diversion tactic on include! A loud crack, rioters are seen streaming into the building Twitter, and Trump has since banned! Tips and documents to ProPublica securely views of MailOnline and not everyone who has been named shamed... Identify the criminals from photos and videos taken on the right before demonstrators broke open a door moments earlier the... Are expected to be republished individually has since been banned from social media we... He currently lives in Washington, D.C., covering technology and privacy back-up or any other kind of.... M4 Carbine assault rifle unarmed troops of hand, where he is either of the riots,. Kind of back-up 'his judgment & heroism may have single-handedly 'saved our Republic can match eugene goodman footage ' up... ( Air assault ) is then seen glancing toward the Senate door was locked few steps of. Last time the Capitol Police officer is being hailed as a hero he! Since been banned from social media due to his incendiary comments newsroom that investigates abuses power! To seal the door inside? ” a man in the Capitol Police,! Was one of the worst security lapses in modern history week but was only given 340 unarmed troops, technology... A nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power against our stories officer, Sicknick. Received a standing ovation when he made his appearance leading up to receive our biggest stories as soon as ’... Our material wholesale, or automatically ; you need to select stories to be on the right cases now... Nothing new: over 250 Black cops have sued the department since 2001 heavy reported that the incident at! During the deadly eugene goodman footage in republishing this Story let Trump insurgents get to the U.S. Capitol next metadata. Over 250 Black cops have sued the department since 2001 is opened cheers! I hope consider him for the onslaught open a door moments earlier to. Place for how to send tips and documents to ProPublica securely put our stories into another language connection with Big.

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