Guides. In it, you will find a key in the toilet. Use Luigi's special jump ("ZL"+ "ZR") to lift multiple hats at once. Updated November 4, 2019. Walk with the hat on to the right until you reach a statue of three magicians. Red Gem: Beach – On the beach, go left to spot a mermaid statue. Green Gem: Lounge – In the lounge, use a Suction Shot to pull off the metal panel to the rightof the stage. Updated November 4, 2019. Floor 13 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Fitness Center. Two of the magicians have hats on, one does not. Green Gem: Shower Room – Drop through the grate with Gooigi and turn the wheel to drain the water. Polterkitty is in the casket on stage that has swords sticking into it. Luigi's Mansion 3 is an action-adventure game developed by Next Level Games and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch.It is the third entry in the Luigi's Mansion series following Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and was released on October 31, 2019. To find them all, you’ll need to solve puzzles, reach hidden areas, locate gem ghosts, and more. The Fitness Center is the most mundane of the three, but if you don’t pick up the phone, there’s one gem that’s incredibly easy to miss. To help you get all the Twisted Suites Gems I’ve put together this All 11F Gem locations guide. Use the coconuts from a tree to smash the statue — it takes three hits! Blue Gem: Trainer’s Bedroom – In the front-left corner, Suction a piggy bank and smash it to reveal a gem. You’ll recognize them by the purple, glowing eyes. You’ll find one Gem Ghost and two Treasure Ghosts! The Twisted Suits is one of the most complicated areas in the game, filled with multiple paths and mysterious magic-tricks for you to solve. Use Gooigi to Strobulb the light switch while you’re instanding in the front-left corner where the Green Gem is behind glass. It is located on 11F, also known as Twisted Suites. Use Gooigi to grab it! Let’s get started. Once you’ve traversed the Boilerworks you will gain access to floor 11F. Now that you've gotten your hands on Luigi's most recent adventure and are working on taking down the troublesome spooks infesting the Last Resort hotel, you might have found that Luigi's Mansion 3's bosses can be pretty tricky to beat. A spectral stairway will appear, leading the a gem chest. Load Comments. At floor 3, go east and enter the bathrooms. In Luigi's Mansion 3, the Last Resort Hotel has several themed floors that are based on concepts that wouldn't normally be seen in a Luigi's Mansion game, such as a disco and a pirate ship. This Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boo Locations Guide will show you all the locations where you can find the Boo enemies. Fun frights: Luigi's Mansion 3 ($60 at Amazon) That’s what floor 11 is all about. In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations and how to find them all throughout the level. Yellow Gem: Mirror Bathroom – In the Mirror Bathroom, shine the Dark-Light in the front-left corner. Use the mirror to lineup Luigi then use your Dark Light to collect the gem. To get through this magic show with your sanity use the 11F Twisted Suites Guide below. Interact with the giant hat to wear it as Luigi, then use a Slam near the statues to place the hat on the statue. You’ll have to explore the Twisted Suites, Spectral Catch, and Fitness Center to earn all the gems, and each one is packed with weird hidden puzzles for Luigi and his Gooigi clone to solve. You’ll have to explore the Twisted Suites, Spectral Catch, and Fitness Center to … The haunted hotel of Luigi’s Mansion 3 gets twisted as we near the very top of the tower. Spin the board using your vacuum to have more blades appear. Go up the stairs to reach a chest with the Purple Gem inside it. Topics. The game sees players taking on the role of Luigi who must explore a haunted hotel, incorporating different themes on each floor, … Red Gem: Bladed Bedroom – Spin the knife board with Suction until the Red Gem appears. Luigi's Mansion 3 How to Defeat Cursed Chest & Bin on Floor 11. In Luigi’s Mansion 3 a Boo will appear on all floors on which you have already defeated the boss ghost (hence, there is no Boo to catch on the very top floor. Use the Dark-Light on the area to create a pulley, they pull with Suction to knock the gem out of the skull’s mouth. Luigi’s Mansion 3: All 11F Gem Locations – Collected All Twisted Suites Gems. Cursed chest & bin are enemies in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Subscribe now!! Collect all of the gems shown above to unlock the Collected All Twisted Suites Gems achievement. Like other floors this floor of the hotel contains a total of six collectible gems for players to find. Post-Chapter Notes: (1): I sort of tied Super Mario Maker 2 to the prologue, mentioning the time difference between that game and Luigi's Mansion 3. The first gem of this floor can be found inside the Bladed Bedroom. Floor 2 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Hotel Shops. Luigi’s Mansion 3: How To Get All Gems On Each Floor | 11F, 12F & 13F Locations Guide, Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann Reveals He’d Like To Develop A Cowboy Bebop Game, Horizon Zero Dawn Support Is Slowing Down, The Medium Trailer Highlights Protagonist Power Abilities, The Best Video Game Deals Right Now | Discounted Games Guide, Hitman 3 Arriving On Nintendo Switch This Month. Slam to reveal a hidden gem! Spinning loops room with golden bunny is one of the rooms in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Tips. Green Gem: Beach – Go right on the beach and use the Dark-Light to reveal two hidden bridges to a small island. See comments. In the Trainer’s Bedroom you will find the Blue Gem in the Piggy Bank on top of the fridge. Your email address will not be published. Kevin Thielenhaus / Go over to the knife board and some blades will appear and fly towards it. Floor 12 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Spectral Catch. The Spectral Catch is a boss arena floor that’s only a few rooms long. Walkthrough Floor 11: Twisted Suites 11th Floor Elevator Hall. We will detail their exact location and in the exact room that you can find them in. Suck it up then shoot it at something to break it open and reveal the gem. Suction up the sand and open the treasure chest for this prize. It's hiding under one of them and runs off to the stage room after you uncover it. Inside this room you will see a knife board on the far wall. There are six gems on every floor of the Last Resort Hotel. Purple Gem: Hall – In the hallway outside the Stage / boss room, you’ll find statues of all three magician ghosts. Leave Luigi by the case and summon Gooigi. Get all the locations below, and find all our other Luigi’s Mansion guides in the links. These gems are located throughout the floor and can be tough to discover on your own. Current page: Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthough 11th floor onwards Prev Page Luigi's Mansion 3 walkthough Garden Floor (7F) onward. These gems are located throughout the floor and can be tough to discover on your own. Walk over to the one without the hat on and jump to launch the hat onto the statue’s head. Make your way down to Floor 11 after that and follow Polterkitty to the room with the hats. They are often very well hidden, and … Best answer: There are a total of 17 floors in single-player mode in Luigi's Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch. Purple Gem: Training Room – Use the Strobulb to set the radio to Channel 3, then check the treadmills. Red Gem: Weight Room – Stand on the weight scale in the front-right corner of the room, causing a hidden locker to open. It’s actually called Trainer’s Room, and you’ll find it in the north of the area. One thing to keep in mind while playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 is that there are six Gems to collect on every floor. Luigi's Mansion 3. Walk Gooigi over to the vending machine and plunger the metal square to the left of it. The ceiling light will light up for each card you find. As soon as you enter the Hall a hat will fall on you. Exit and head west, past the elevator, to the locked door, which you can now open. Purple Gem: Beach – Go right on the beach and use the Dark-Light to reveal one bridge. Yellow Gem: Elevator Hall – In the first room, step on the center emblem with Luigi and Gooigi to lower the glass. Use the pitcher to break the hanging glass bottles on the far right side of the hallway, opposite the elevator doors. Walk away, and it’ll ring three times. This floor is called the Twisted Suites and it houses a magic show. Luigi’s Mansion 3 ’s 11F Twisted Suites has six hidden gems shaped like dice. Floor 11 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Twisted Suites. That’s what floor 11 is all about. The men's bathroom has two stalls. Floor 15 Gems: Collect all the gems in the Master Suite. Related posts. There are a total of 102 gems scattered across the 17th floor of the Luigi’s Mansion. In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations and how to find them all throughout the level. Starting the site back in 2016, Eli has poured blood, sweat and tears into making HtR a premiere spot for neckbeards and nerds alike. They look like regular containers until you try to interact with them, which is when they’ll attack you. In total, there are 16 Boos that you have to find and capture. They look like regular containers until you try to interact with them, which is when they’ll attack you. Boo are invisible ghosts that only reveal themselves when you use Luigi’s Dark Light. The Luigi's Mansion 3 Walkthrough covers every floor of the game, in the order they appear. After the cutscene, pull the curtain on the east wall, then dark-light the wall to reveal a door.

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