react to frustration with disagreeable behavior. According to _____, a person either has a disorder or does not have a disorder. The _____ is a complex system that protects the body from bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances. In the context of the prevalence rates of personality disorders, the least common disorder is _____ personality disorder. Which of the following is a subtrait of Type A personality? _____ refers to the process of determining whether a stressor is something one can handle. Assessment of an event to determine if implications are positive, negative, or neutral. _ perceive that they are at a lower risk for negative events than an average person. Secondary Appraisal. When people express their feelings to their romantic partners, they are: Research suggests that disclosing traumatic events: increases physiological arousal during disclosure. The three primary goals of human resource management are to find the right people, manage talent so that people achieve their potential, and maintain the workforce over the long term. Passionate Love. Kim most likely has _____ personality disorder. C. Coping. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of stressors? acutely uncomfortable in social relationships. primary appraisal _____ refers to interpreting whether a stimulus is stressful. Which of the following is an example of a primary appraisal of a stressor? Economic Competition. (Quizlet Activity) Experiments in Behavioural Economics - examples of confirmation bias and bounded rationality. perceives that an event will threat his personal goals, According to psychologist Richard Lazarus (1991), primary appraisal best refers to a cognitive event in which a person. Secondary Appraisal. what are 2 key features of an experiment? People with _____ personality disorder are more likely to stare at other people without initiating any social interaction. Which of the following statements best describes the narcissistic paradox? A) secondary B) challenge C) primary D) threat 52. Which of the following is a key characteristic of people with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder? Many researchers believe that borderline personality disorder is caused by: When children come to believe that others are not to be trusted, they are most likely to develop _____ personality disorder. Terms in this set (18) Primary Appraisal. Try this amazing Basic Appraisal Test quiz which has been attempted 4458 times by avid quiz takers. Her refusal to present the topic is most likely a sign of _____ personality disorder. Start studying Appraisal terms. Harm/Loss Appraisal Roger loves to be the center of attention. Within primary appraisal, three components are distinguished: goal relevance describes the extent to which an encounter refers to issues about which the person cares. B. death from overwork. a) Recruitment b) Employee selection c) Performance appraisal d) Employee orientation Ans: c 0.2. People with _____ personality disorder have also been referred to as sociopaths or psychopaths. 53. Which of the following terms refers to the process of evaluating an employee's current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standards? State of powerful absorption in someone. They often appear inept or socially clumsy. dimensional view of personality disorders, each disorder: is seen as a continuum, ranging from normality at one end to severe disability or disturbance at the other. Individuals with _____ personality disorder are most likely to engage in self-mutilating behavior or attempt suicide in their efforts to manipulate people back into their relationships. The primary biological factor in the tend-and-befriend mechanism is . People with an excessive need to be taken care of most likely have _____ personality disorder. Which of the following types of appraisals can provide information that is more useful for problem solving and employee development than the typical results of a … She avoids disagreements at all costs. _____ refers to a socially recognized set of rights and obligations linked with illness. Francis believes in ghosts and spends most of his time reading about ghosts and visiting haunted houses. involves deciding how to deal with a potentially stressful situation. He usually seeks attention by being overly dramatic and changes his opinions suddenly. Which type of psychologist is Karen? The pros and He asks u for your opinion about the value of such systems. B) False The primary purpose of holding an appraisal interview should be to: Incorrect A) allow employees to demand salary increases. The theory was proposed by Judee K. Burgoon in the late 1970s and continued through the 1980s and 1990s as "nonverbal expectancy violations theory", based on Burgoon's research studying proxemics. is a common manifestation of paranoid personality disorder. To receive this treatment more often, Mike pretends his illness is constant. From Wikipedia exhaustion. The primary economic principle underlying the cost approach is the principle of: ... Equity refers to the amount of … Smiling when you receive a gift that you do not really like is an example of: leads to heightened physiological activity. Free Tests & Quizzes Online. The primary purpose of providing employees with feedback during a performance appraisal is to motivate employees to __ __ A. apply for managerial positions B. remove any performance deficiencies C. revise their performance standards D. enroll in work-related training programs. Bodily resources are used at an above average rate. Which of the following is most likely to be a stressful life event? The effort of two or more parties to secure the business of a third party by offering, usually under fair or equitable rules of business practice, the most favorable terms. While walking past a toy car in a store, Mark had an impulsive desire to steal it and quickly slipped it into his pocket. AACSB: Analytic Bloom's: Understand Difficulty: Medium Learning Objective: 08-03 Define five criteria for measuring the effectiveness of a performance management system. The root of stress is the cognitive appraisal of an event as stressful or stress-inducing. You will be given 45 seconds per question. According to a dimensional model of personality disorders, _____ results in avoidant personality disorder. Correct! Which of the following is a key characteristic of people with schizotypal personalities? A primary appraisal involves judgment about the degree of potential harm or threat to well-being that a stressor might entail. They like to work hard and achieve goals. Which of the following are the hallmarks of histrionic personality disorder? Goal congruence The means of meeting a threat is chosen. Studies have shown that patient _____ deteriorates when a treatment must be frequent, is inconvenient or painful, and when the number of treatments increases. is a cognitive process whereby a person focuses on the good in what is happening or has happened. the expectation that good events will be plentiful and bad events will be rare in the future. Also explore over 9 similar quizzes in this category. restrict their activities to avoid potential embarrassments. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. _____ is a disorder in which a patient has at least one physical symptom as well as significant health-related anxiety, and devotes excessive time and energy to health concerns. If the event is appraised as stressful, Gerta is most likely to be diagnosed with _____ personality disorder. Term. A pervasive feeling of inadequacy and sensitivity to criticism from others is a salient feature of _____. For example, being snowed into your house could be appraised as good (if there is a snow-day and … The Schachter-Singer two-factor theory depends on labeling the physiological experience, which is a type of cognitive appraisal. She is extremely worried about her professor's and classmates' reactions to her ideas and fears being criticized. primary appraisal: Definition. Kody Scott, a gang member nicknamed "Monster," is a violent person who craves excitement, fears nothing, and has no guilt feelings. Which term refers to observable characteristics that are associated with successful job performance? This results in a broader categorization of the event that influences the the way a person internally and externally reacts to the event. They are odd and eccentric and may believe in magic. In the primary appraisal stage, individuals evaluate what potential threats there will be, concerning the demands from situation and the goals and values of themselves. Psychologists distinguish _____ varieties of stress, which are _____. He should lock his car." an independent variable has been effectively manipulated, a thermometer always reads 98.6 degrees F no matter the temperature of the water it is dipped into. The lives of persons with borderline personality disorder are primarily marked by: People with _____ personality disorder have unstable emotions, unstable relationships, unstable behavior, and unstable images of themselves. In the process of the general adaptation syndrome, the _____ phase involves the body's attempt to adapt to its high state of arousal as it tries to cope with the stressor. D. When he was arrested, he lied to the store manager that he did not steal the toy car and it must have been placed in his pocket by someone else. Which of the following is a key characteristic of borderline personality disorder? Economic Appraisal - see Economic evaluation. In the context of the lethal component of the Type A behavior pattern, people in hostility are _____. In their initial research, Holmes and Rahe found that people with the most stress points were: Research suggests that people become vulnerable to microbial infections: Stress is thought to lower the functional ability of the _____ system. Browse. A) Threat B) Primary C) Challenge D) Secondary 50._____ appraisal refers to the process by which people decide whether they can handle a stressful event. People with _____ personality disorder are extremely distrustful of others and see others as constant threats. Scott most likely has _____ personality disorder. People who have narcissistic personality disorder: People with _____ personality disorder most likely experience little pleasure from bodily or sensory experiences, such as eating or having sex. Start studying Chapter 12. Primary appraisal is the extent to which a person perceives an event as benign or threatening and harmful. Although narcissists have high self-esteem, their grandiose self-esteem is actually quite fragile. Which of the following personality disorders has the most disparate gender distribution, which occurs in men with a prevalence rate of about 4.5 percent and in women at only about a, extreme introversion accompanied by extremely high neuroticism. Biases and judgment errors of various kinds may spoil the performance appraisal process. Search. The _____ is a complex system that protects the body from bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances. Correct Answer: B) communicate information about an employee's performance. meaning of one event . The process of primary appraisal involves the evaluation of one's . He disobeys his parents and usually engages in acts of stealing and destroying property. b. A. . Primary appraisal is the first stage in the transactional model of stress and coping. testable prediction derived from a theory is a(n): Karen received a PhD in psych. Socially, histrionic individuals are difficult to get along with, due to their excessive need for: In the context of the erratic cluster of personality disorders, which of the following disorders is characterized by a strong need to be admired, a strong sense of self-importance, and a lack of insight into other people's feelings? Some researchers have theorized that one cause of _____ personality disorder might be deficiency in the ability to experience fear. _____ is a method of stress management characterized by avoiding situations or thoughts that are reminders of a stressor and maintaining an artificially positive viewpoint. secondary appraisal _____ refers to the process of determining whether a stressor is something one can handle. Moreover, Lazarus specified two major types of appraisal methods which sit at the crux of the appraisal method: 1) primary appraisal, directed at the establishment of the significance or meaning of the event to the organism, and 2) secondary appraisal, directed at the assessment of the ability of the organism to cope with the consequences of the event. When John's car, which had been left unlocked in front of his home, was stolen, Mary said, "He should have known better. Magda Arnold was the first theorist to offer an exploration of the meaning of appraisal, and to present an outline of what the appraisal process might be and how it relates to emotion (Roseman & Smith, 2001). A. Primary Appraisal Definition refers to our initial, subjective evaluation of a situation, in which we balance the demands of a potentially stressful situation against our … People with _____ personality disorder are often sexually provocative in inappropriate ways. According to the stages of the general adaptation syndrome (GAS) proposed by Hans Selye, the _____ stage consists of the fight-or-flight response. A person who experiences unusual sensations that border on hallucinations most likely has _____ personality disorder. During primary appraisal, the event or situation can be categorized as irrelevant, beneficial, or stressful. strong correlation & big difference in groups. According to the University of Twente, primary appraisal occurs when a person recognizes an impending threatening or stressful event and evaluates the significance of the event. Primary data is gathered to answer specific questions that are not necessarily the same ones being addressed in an appraisal or market analysis. B. d. reflected appraisal. appraisal and a secondary appraisal. A stressful event people believe they can handle is termed a _____, whereas a stressor that would overwhelm a person is termed a _____. She goes to great lengths to find support for her jealous beliefs and restricts his activities. _____ refers to the psychological response to demands when there is something at stake for the individual and when coping with these demands would tax or exceed the individual's capacity or resourses. a categorical view of personality disorders. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In the context of the stages of the general adaptation syndrome (GAS) as proposed by Hans Selye, which of the following is a characteristic of the resistance stage? Elika refuses to present a topic in psychology in front of her class. secondary appraisal. The reaction of being startled with an increase in blood pressure and other physiological responses is commonly called. He is most likely to be diagnosed with _____ personality disorder. ______ refers to interpreting whether a stimulus is stressful. Ac. Linda most likely has _____ personality disorder. In the case of performance appraisal, validity refers to whether the appraisal measures all the relevant aspects of performance and omits irrelevant aspects of performance. Alejandro goes to church every Sunday and is inflexible with regard to morals and ethics. ... Primary Appraisal. She believes that she is the most important supervisor in her firm and expects others to constantly praise and admire her. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may develop in persons who have _____ life-threatening events. In the general adaptation syndrome, the _____ phase is the time during which the body calls upon the necessary tools to respond to a threat; it is similar to the fight-or-flight response. Which of the following is a key characteristic of antisocial personality disorder? Hans Selye proposed that the _____ phase of the general adaptation syndrome was the point at which the body's defenses begin to create damage. Roger most likely has _____ personality disorder. Unlike a schizoid person, a schizotypal person is: people feel that they are different from others or that they do not fit in with a group. You will learn more about Lazarus’s appraisal concept when you study stress, health, and lifestyle. Economic Burden of Disease, see Cost of Illness. B. improves physical health. Francis is most likely to be diagnosed with _____ personality disorder. oxytocin . In the context of coping strategies and styles, optimists _____, unlike pessimists. Which of the following is a key characteristic of schizoid people? This appraisal mediates between the stimulus and the emotional response, and it is immediate and often unconscious. Mark most likely has _____ personality disorder. woman who wears excessive makeup, has an overly elaborate hairstyle, and dresses in flashy clothes is most likely to be diagnosed with _____ personality disorder. B. helping people build up reserves of energy. Primary appraisal involves the determination of an event as stressful. Mike really likes it when his boyfriend cooks for him and cleans his apartment while he is sick. In the context of the prevalence rates of personality disorders, _____ personality disorder is the most common disorder. Kim has an extremely strong sense of entitlement. When a person perceives that an event is a threat to his goals, he engages in: According to psychologist Richard Lazarus, which of the following must occur for stress to be evoked for a person? Ron is 11 years old and enjoys torturing snakes. They produce a state of feeling overwhelmed. primary appraisal. process by which individuals evaluate and cope with a stressful event Economic Evaluation Ans: D 5. Research suggests that inhibiting the expression of negative emotions: In the context of management of emotions, Levy and colleagues (1985) have shown that people who keep their negative emotions to themselves are more likely than expressive persons to _____.

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