At some point we may choose to simplify the binder with respect to well-known symbols and let late-binding take care of it. in hindsight this overloading of concepts was not a good idea. Although I really like static typing and the other great features that TypeScript brings to JavaScript, sometimes I just want to profit from the dynamic nature of JavaScript. Now you can easily rename such properties using Rename refactoring – WebStorm will make sure that these usages are not forgotten. privacy statement. Default exports expose themselves badly named as default in dynamic … A set of TypeScript related notes used for quick reference. I expected a compile time error, however a union may also be possible. 5. propertyName), // NOTE: 'log' is the default property name when propertyName option is omitted. Can we add it to What's new in TypeScript wiki? To use TypeScript, we need to first set the lang attribute in the